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  • Scent appropriate for a certain age

    Researches showed that most people attach some recognizable perfumes to a certain age group. Every scent is appropriate for Your age!

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  • Scents concentration, basic fragrances and categories

    Buying a new perfume is not easy on today’s huge market overwhelmed with many available amazing scents. Except all different kinds of scents, there are also their types of concentrations. All those with a higher concentration of odorous oils are stronger and have less alcohol.

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  • Do perfumes have expiration date?

    Oriental and strong wooden notes like patchouli or bunchgrass are great examples of scents that are improved with years. Soft versions of perfumes with citrus, floral or green notes perspire much faster and it is recommended to buy them in smaller packaging and spending them faster.

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  • How to combine scents putting them in layers?

    How to combine scents putting them in layers? The key of putting layers on is knowledge of which notes matching between themselves. Their proper appliance will enrich and point them out.

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  • Dare to give a perfume as a gift

    Is it possible to choose suitable perfume for someone? Should You even jump into this adventure? If the person You would like to surprise likes perfumes, go for it! Perfumes could be perfect gifts when the good preparation is done.

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